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5910 Midlothian Tpke, Richmond, VA 23225

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Tuffy Auto Service Centers
April 21, 2010

I posted this review on Google maps and they subsequently DELETED their entire store from Google Maps because they know the shop is sketchy and people would stay away after they read my experience. Since they did that I am now finding every place possible to review them to make sure nobody else gets screwed like I did.

Here is my original review:
These guys are definitely shady. "Big T" at the shop tries to act like your friend but dont be fooled. I took my car in to get the tires replaced and they put on some no name brand for the cost of what I could get Michelin's for, they tack on ridiculous shop material fees which they dont tell you about, etc. After replacing the tires my car pulled to one side so I took it back to them and they charged me for an alignment, but the car still pulled to one side. I took it back again and they tell me my brake caliper is stuck. I was fed up with them at this point since I knew it was probably their fault when they replaced it, so I took it to another mechanic. They told me the caliper looked fine, but since the pulling to one side was irritating me I had it done anyhow. The car still pulled to one side so I paid for and had that mechanic do an alignment which was normal.

Finally I got the tires replaced and that fixed the problem. The low quality tires they put on cost me hundreds of dollars in diagnostic and repair fees, plus they lied to me about my brake caliper to try to steal more money from me. Stay away from this shop.

ADDITION to that review: I have since learned a lot more about tires and the tires they put on my car not only are crappy, cheap, low quality tires (Doral, online cost $45-50 per tire), they charged me $90 per tire plus some BS shop fees and rotation/balancing totalling around $110 per tire. You can get better, cheaper tires and installation at Costco/Sams/Walmart, or buy your own tires online (tirerack.com, discounttiredirect.com, treaddepot.com) and have them installed/balanced at sears/walmart for $9 per tire plus $2 for new valve stems.

Another thing I learned is that the minimum rating for tires on my car is V rated tires and they crappy tires they put on my car dont even meet that requirement.

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