Ford F-150 Problem Report

Ford F-150 One or More Spark Plugs May be Ejectioned From the Cylinder Head

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There is a technical service bulletin for the V8 engines regarding a possible problem with the spark plug being ejected from the cylinder head, damaging the threads in the spark plug hole. If the vehicle is under warranty, cylinder head replacement is recommended. If the vehicle is out of warranty, Ford authorized the use of a specific thread insert to repair the head.

My truck blowed the #7 spark plug and all threads are gone. I bought a heli coil and installed but does not seal well so it blowed again. Now I'm about to purchase the Dorman cylinder repair kit and cross my fingers. I don't know about the rest of you but this will be the last Ford I ever own. I've always been a mopar fan and came across this truck and something about it just made me have to have it but I will never give in to whatever drawed me to it again and I suggest you don't either. I might not be so judgmental if Ford would do the right thing and fix the issue but we know how BIG CORPORATIONS are don't we. What a joke.. -
Solution, buy a Chevrolet. -
# 3 blow out at 290,890 -
On the way to vacation cylinder 3 ejected from cylinder head-Great way to start vacation. Stranded for 5 hours finely fixed it! Was able to take old plug out and thread new on in and luckily it did not strip, mileage 65,000. Upon return from vacation I changed all spark plugs. At 100,000 miles number 3 popped again! I again was able to replace and it was not striped. And now, number 4 popped. Not so lucky this time- it's stripped, mileage 110,000. CANNOT BELIEVE THERE ARE NO RECALLS, IT'S BS!!!!! I'VE ALWAYS BEEN A FORD GUY BUT THAT ENDS HERE. IF THIS IS HAPPENING TO ANYONE ELSE, PLEASE REPORT IT AND MAYBE FORD WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT AND STEP UP AND BACK THEIR PRODUCT! DISSATIFIED FORD OWNER -
I had it happened at 100,000 -
has blown number 3 and number 7 spark plugs and coil packs out . -
4.6 L. Plug blew out, took threads and coil pack with it Repaired with ford kit from NAPA -
blew spark plug out of cylinder head -
cylinders #2 and #7 blew out on seperate times. i had to have it tapped and use a steel sleeve. mech. said not enough threads on the head. around $400.00 -
The plugs were replaced with Helio coils, new threaded sleeves in the head. Two have ejected. It is limited to the rear on both sides of the heads. Relatively easy fix, if it happens to one, get all 4 rear ones done to save labor. Should be good to go. -
was driving for about 4hrs when the #4 plug pop out. The truck sounded like a tank.... called my mechanic and they took care of it with a spark plug coil. a year later same problem driving only for 2hrs and same plug shot out. -
#3 plug blew out at 183,000, Has to be tapped with an insert. Should be covered by Ford. If you call the dealer they will likely pretend they dont know about the issue. -
Spark plug blew out of head. Threads are bad in the head and plug wi not screw back in. -
Spark plug popped out of socket while on the highway piping ignition coil out and almost breaking fuel line. -
Had the same issue with my truck. Driving to work one morning heard a loud noise like something hit my truck. Instantly started skipping and smelled fumes. Got to work couldn't fine anything so I called my mechanic and they told me to stop by after work. I told them what happened they laughed said you blew a plug, I said what the h...and they just laughed again and said yep. That's the nature of this engine. I ended up having to replace the head and all the plugs because it stripped the threads beyond a coil working. $1800 and a year later we have started skipping again between 40-50 mph so looks like the same sh.. all over again. May just trade for a Toyota or something. -
Just had all new spark plugs and 1 new coil installed 9 weeks ago. Blew a spark plug today & it is back at the shop that did the work. I've never had this problem before & have owned this truck since late 2000. Doing research now - was told to avoid having a heliocoil installed by another mechanic. -
spark plug blow out at #7 coil -
plug blew out of head -
Cylinder # 2 blew out spark plug and coil pack had to buy new head threads were destroyed couldn't fix them about $2,000 -
This has happened to me three times now, I got a kit from O'Riellys that has a longer plug and a deal that retaps the cylinder head. About $65, plus it snaps the coil pack off-everytime-another $60-80 bucks! -
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