One or More Spark Plugs May be Ejectioned From the Cylinder Head on Ford Expedition

There is a technical service bulletin for the V8 engines regarding a possible problem with the spark plug being ejected from the cylinder head, damaging the threads in the spark plug hole. If the vehicle is under warranty, cylinder head replacement is recommended. If the vehicle is out of warranty, Ford authorized the use of a specific thread insert to repair the head.

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Average mileage: 148,772 (173–298,000)
Engines affected: 4.6L V8, 5.4L V8
8 model years affected: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, more2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
77 people reported this problem
55 people shared problem details
2002 Ford Expedition- 5.4L V811,800
Number 5 blew while on vacation - setting in the lounge of a Ford dealership waiting for the verdict. This sucks! Ford should reapir this obvious factory defect free of charge.
2002 Ford Expedition- 4.6L V890,000
I started my suv up nd heard a knocking sound I check to if the oil was low but it wasn't then I turn the car back on to see where the knocking coming to find out that one of the spark plugs pop out what do I do next.
2000 Ford Expedition- 5.4L V8153,267
spark plug blew out of engine destroying the coil with it. No threads left to put in new plug. just happened today. not sure how to fix
1998 Ford Expedition- 5.4L V8
I have had spark plugs and coil pack replaced twice in a year. The second time it had to be rethreaded. Its starting to act up again.
1999 Ford Expedition- 5.4L V8110,000
I have had 3 blown spark plugs. Ever since I had the plugs changed at 100K. I know now that the auto shop likely overtightened the plugs during routine maintenance. BUT the fact that it happens at all is a design flaw that shoulld have been recalled.
2003 Ford Expedition- 5.4L V8200,000
#4 plug went flying. Tried to re-tap and it went flying too. Poor design by Ford. Should have been a recall.
2002 Ford Expedition- 5.4L V8150,000
I have had 3 different plugs blow out and have had to replace all 3 coil packs. I have always done most of my mechanic work because I have mostly lived check to check. I am disabled now and don't have the money for DEALER recommended overpriced parts so I have had to use the cheapest auto store parts. Now the truck has been missing very bad. the OBD system says number 2 and 7 cylinders are misfiring. Both are previous Rethreads. Now after removing the plugs(they were loose) the rethread came out with the plug. the entire end of the plug and threads are melted. Obviously the steel threads heated and expanded and worked loose and I was getting ready to blow out the plugs again. Now I have to replace both heads. the repair at the dealer is more than the expedition is even worth now. I have been trying to sell it because I can no longer afford the gas after loosing my job due to disability. Now I am stuck with a truck I cant even sell for $1000. the list price for it just 13 years ago was over $33,000. I have been a ford person all my life UNTILL NOW!! I have bought an old 1990 Mercedes 4 door and am fixing it up do keep for a loooong time. Its a solid car with a great safety rating and is still a great car. I AM EMBARRASED TO BE AN AMERICAN THEESE DAYS. The giant corporations make all our stuff disposable and engineer it to fail so you have to keep buying MORE STUFF. Signed... EX- ford owner. and pissed off American... was loose
2002 Ford Expedition- 5.4L V8185,432
Spark plug came out of the head & broke the coil. got new spark plug & coil used a $400.00 tool called timesert reamed hole installed threader & installed timesert ran tool in timesert which flared into the head Installed new plug & coil now engine has 198000 miles on it & still is working great.
2001 Ford Expedition- 4.6L V8163,000
My spark plug was ejected, was told that condensation from AC line drips down into the deep socket where the spark plug is located and corrodes. Happens the most on last two plugs near the firewall on the passenger side of the engine. Paid local mechanic $216 to fix with Ford approved insert, works fine now.
1998 Ford Expedition- 4.6L V8
theres a knocking sound both sides where the spark plugs go and my engine light came on. idk why or how to fix it.
2001 Ford Expedition- 5.4L V8
spark plug ejected from cylinder to along with boot coil rethreading is necessary spark plug injected from cylinder
1998 Ford Expedition- 5.4L V8
just blew out #1 plug, threads in head are stripped gone. Not fixed yet
2001 Ford Expedition- 4.6L V8140,635
Problem was with cylinder 3 spark plug was blown into bottom of the coil pack. This problem needs to be addressed by Ford. It is happening alot.
1997 Ford Expedition- 5.4L V8
Spark was was blown out and broke the ignition coil. It was repaired with an insert which lasted almost a month and blew it out again. Now the hole is to big to repair and I have to buy a new head. Because ford isn't going to do anything about it.
1997 Ford Expedition- 5.4L V8220,000
1997 Ford Expedition- 5.4L V8165,000
Misfire error code for #3 cylinder. Engine ran smoothly and cleared code. Few days later, blew spark #3 cylinder. Sounded like a helicopter. Debated fixing it with insert kits for a few months; however, Minnesota salt induced rust started showing. Scrapping the vehicle.
1997 Ford Expedition- 5.4L V8248,000
Plugs blowing
2000 Ford Expedition- 4.6L V8298,000
Spit the spark plug and coil
1997 Ford Expedition- 5.4L V8180,000
Took it to the shop, they fixed it but now a year later they are popping again
1999 Ford Expedition- 5.4L V8225,000
Plug was ejected out 9f cylinder head.
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