trying to figure out how to reinstall the serpentine belt which popped off on 2000 Mercury Sable

serpentine came off pulleys no reason
its a new belt not broken and all pulleys move
havent a clue no matter how easy its supposed to be
spent 6 hours for something that i know is a five min job so pls advise

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Do you want to spend another six hours re-installing the belt...again? Find the reason WHY it popped off the first place and FIX that first! Then you can worry about installing the belt.
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should be a diagram on the front strut tower or the top of the rad cradle
the issue is not how it fits but how to manuever the tensioner to get the belt on pls
you need a 5/8 socket or a 1/2 inchdrive ratchet I need to know engine size