Trunk Lid Does Not Stay Opened Duo to Broken Trunk Spring on Mercedes-Benz C280

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Trunk springs can break and cause the trunk lid to fall back down when opened.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 130,230 (35,000–245,052)
7 model years affected: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, more1998, 1999, 2000
29 people reported this problem
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The problem is a serious safety hazzard but Mercedes has a repair kit available to fix the broken spring hook on the trunk hinge. Sorry I do not have the part number handy. It was about $60. One kit contains two brackets and four bolts and nuts, the kit will repair both hinges. The repair is fairly simple and can be done without removing the trunk lid or hinges. Just remove the trunk linings to gain access to the hinges and attach the new brackets with the included fasteners. One of the bolt holes in the hinge needed to be enlarged slightly with a drill bit. Attach the new parts and reattach the spring and test. Voila!
Trunk was opened with remote and when I went to open it fully ,it felt very heavy,unaware there was a problem,it came down with force and hit me on the head bruising the back of my head.When I investigated, I found a broken bracket and unattacked springs on both sides. I'm furious!!!
Is there a recall on this dangerous malfunction?
closed trunk - loud bang, when opened again left side broken. bruised my arm when lid shut on it unexpectedly.
Trunk balance spring mount on passenger side broke causing injury when the trunk fell.

Is there a recall on this?
Both trunk springs broke. The repairs are estimated by MB at 3-4 hours (~$500). The springs are only few $.
Passenger side Trunk spring broke. Trunk will fall closed. I have not gotten a replacement yet
One day the spring from the trunk jumped and since that day the trunk falls unless you hold it.
there is other places to hook springs to in truckthis is what i did it worked.
Trunk will not stay open. My battery went out and couldn't open the trunk with the key or from the inside and the battery is in the trunk.
Trunk lid slams down.
Purchased trunk slams shut.