2003 Ford Expedition Q&A

2003 Ford Expedition Question: truck won't start ,when key in start position ,hear buzzing in cbj box ,and no start

this is the second time ,this problem has accured ,i thought it was because of the aftermarket alarm causing it ,but now i'm not sure .when trying to start when i turn the key to the first switch i get a buzzing sound from the fuse box .but nothing happen ,no crank or nothing ,but sometimes i get a crank like it's gonna start but don't. -
Answer 1
remove the pcm relay.as you are looking at the fuse box it is the top right side.have replaced tons of these for the exact same symptom.some times a visual inspection will tell you it's bad/the terminals will be green or corroded.other times you cannot see anything wrong with it but it has an internal fault.good luck. -
Answer 2
check out raley or clean up fuse box -
Comment 1
took out all relays still want start and still have buzzing noise??? -
Comment 2
We have had a problem during the hot months when we run the air-we had to change the ignition fuse. the computer would run hot-we really don't know what the problem is, but during the cooler months no problem but when we run the air in the summer months it will blow the fuse. Don't really understand what the connection is. Put it in the shop to no avail!! Nobody will listen to my husband about what the problem is. He said he had a truck to do the same. We would get it to crank after changing the ignition fuse. -