Truck won't start gear shifter stuck on 2nd on collum. on 2003 Chevrolet Express 3500

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What sensor or part controls the dial to show what gear you are in , The linkage underneath works fine I can put it in neutral and roll the van and it goes to any other gear but it shows it is stuck in 2nd thats where the light on the collum stays, its been acting up for awhile it wouldn't want to start right away , basically the truck thinks its in gear but it really isn't what do I replace, Thanks
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I got the same problem yesterday and the mechanic changed a part called " the neutral safety switch" and cost me about $180 with labor. They came to my rescue by jump starting the van from the starter. If you really want to drive it to the repair shop you could try that. Turn ON ignition, put on PARK, let someone jump on the brake pedal, starter is located underneath the van, and XXXX. (do it at your own risk.... but they did it infront of my eyes) hope that helps you.