Truck won't start by itself and stay started...... on 2000 Mazda B2500

When u turn the key the engine will turn over but not start, but if I press the gas pedal while doing so it starts BUT if I immediately let off the gas pedal it will just die again. I have to turn the key while pressing the gas pedal to get it to start then hold the rpm at 1000 until it decides I can let my foot off and it won't die, the longer it warms up the better it would run. I replaced fuel filter because I was told fuel pump was fully operational and had the lines blown out, I cleaned the MAF sensor every so often because of know problems. It never threw a code except for 1 day just long enough for me to get it checked for a "bad MAF sensor" replaced it and it seems to of gotten worse. My fiancé drove it to work and back (about 40 miles) and went through over a 1/4 tank of gas. And she just text me and said its just started speeding up on it own, so is it a throttle sensor? It's never done that before

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agree with #1 but where did you buy the maf sensor? aftermarket ones are not the best
Its a BWD Fuel Injection Air Flow Sensor from Advance Auto Parts, how possible would it be that the sensor connector is bad as well?
very poss the wiring may have isssues but adv auto parts a questionable at best
As you have experienced there are many things that can cause your problem, might be cost effective in the long run to have your issue diagnosed before replacing additional parts.
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Thanks for sharing your concern, I am sure it is very frustrating. This sounds like an idle circuit issue. I would first look at the air intake boot and make sure is properly secured and has no cracks or splits. The idle control solenoid is a some what common failure and does stick at times. I believe it is located on the air intake near the boot, try tapping on before replacing for a temporary test. Hope this helps
Thank you, I will check and try as soon as my fiancé gets home from work and let u know from there. Appreciate it.
I jiggled the wire and tapped on the idle control solenoid and it started by its self 5 times separate times, ran without assistance, allowed me to run the heat and a/c without dying. U guys have no idea how much I appreciate the help, first time since I've had the truck that everything is fixed/figured out HAHAHAHA