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2000 Chevrolet S10 Question: truck wont start after fuel pump replacement

I changed my fuel pump this weekend and now my truck will not start. I still have not put the bed back on because i wanted to drive to the car wash before i did and not sure if that could affect the starting system. -
Answer 1
Did you disconnect battery and remove the relay before switching pumps? This ensures no power can short fuses or relays. Otherwise, test for power at pump with a multimeter. Retrace your steps on the wiring and make sure all harnesses are hooked back up. -
Answer 2
Agree with everything c b 3 0 says! - Bed has no affect on pump circuit. Also if you had to replace the connector for the new PUMP MODULE, (i hope) make sure color code is correct, some dont match up. Read instructions again! Be sure the four wire connectors are making good contact. Was it a failed pump or a anti theft problem to start with? Security light in dash flashing while cranking? It does have a fuse as answer 1 says check it, under hood, relay should click each time key is turned on or starter is bumped, listen for it! Check to see if ground circuit to pump is good, black wire with white tracer i 'think', If no ground, i may be able to help. Post results. -
Comment 1
battery was disconnected before dis-assembly no fuse for pump just relay will check that it clicks in a few and checking pwr to fuel pump. i did follow the instructions to the "T" for the new wire harness -
Comment 2
Yep there is a fuse for the pump!! Under the hood, think it is right by the relay if i get a chance i will look at mine and get back to you. However i dont think the relay will click if fuse is blown! But there IS a fuse! I own a 2000 Blazer, same setup as yours, and have fixed more chevy. pump problems than YOU can shake a stick at. -
Answer 3
does you have pwr to relay and fuel pump? -
Answer 4
For future reference, I had this same problem when replacing the fuel pump on my 2002 s10 4.3L. Searched forever for an answer. It turns out that in order to remove the bed of the truck, you must disconnect the ground for the fuel pump, which attaches in the rear on the drivers side. IIRC it ran either in or alongside the harness for the tail light wiring. Once I hooked that back up, my truck started right up. -
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