2001 Ford Ranger Q&A

2001 Ford Ranger Question: Truck won't start after 1 trip

Went to the store(11am) and it started up fine, tried to start truck to go home and wouldn't start. It was only trip of the day. Thank you -
Answer 1
It could be any part of the starting/charging system. The place to start is the battery and go from there. -
Answer 2
Does the engine crank over and not start? How long was the drive to the store and how long was it sitting before trying to start the engine? -
Comment 1
My apologies. I went back to store to get my truck that evening (10/22/09), turned the key, heard the fuel pump pressurize the system, and it started up. Today (10/23/09) I got in the truck at home, turned the key but did not hear the whirr of the fuel pump and the truck did not start -