1998 Ford F-150 Q&A

1998 Ford F-150 Question: truck won't start

the engine won't start I had the battery check it was find the alternater is had it check and put new cables on an the one that goes to starter check out the starter it was find don't know what to do next please help me -
Answer 1
check small wire at the solenoid on the starter. make sure it's tight. also has solenoid on fire wall. neutral switch on transmission. -
Answer 2
Follow battery pos. cable over to the starter solenoid mounted on the firewall, have a helper turn key to START, does this solenoid click? Post results for more info. Also is it an auto. trans. or stick shift? If stick apply park brake and be SURE it is in NETURAL with key OFF before messing around with this solenoid!!! Let us know what you find for more testing advice. -
Answer 3
seek help as not to get in to deep with guessing -
Answer 4
ou never said if the truck turns over If it cranks but wint start check the inertia switch to see if it has been tripped a little more info wouldnt hurt -
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