truck wont start on 1997 Nissan Pickup (D21)

put in different starter still wont turn over

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Hi. I have a 1993 nissan d21 pickup. I got it in 1993. The only problem I have EVER had with this truck is a NOT STARTING ISSUE. My issue of not starting was when I turned the key I got a click. The motor did not turn over, only a click. Solution for me was a 20 dollar relay switch. It is a little blue relay on the passenger side of the inside fender. This worked for me. Hope this helps...
when you are talking about these relay switches are you referring to the ones under the hood or can you be more specific? Im having the same issue my truck sputtered out on me and died and now when i turn the key i get a single click and nothing more. im hoping i can fix mine as easy as you did yours. Thank you
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Check to see if you have signal coming to the starter signal wire (the smaller of the two going to starter). Then check the starter signal fuse. There is also a starter relay in the mix but that would probably be the last place to look.

Ignition key cylinders on these cars are known to cause issues. We have changed quite a few of them at our shop after testing them.
Fusable link? Can be blown out by a short.