1998 Mazda B4000 Q&A

1998 Mazda B4000 Question: truck wont go into 4wheel drive high or low.But the dash board lights come on.

I didn't use the 4 wheel drive since last year .Went to put in because of the snow and it was fishtailing and only the driver rear wheel was spinning -
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Same as Ford ranger i think which have a lot of auto locking hub problems!! Good place to start. If it were on a lift you could see if front drive shaft is turning if so prob. hub trouble. -
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Thanks i will look into it. I will post what i find. -
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Good deal! -
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thank you I put the truck up and put it into 4 wheel drive and the trans axles were spinning on the front. I looked into the hubs and we found that the hoses were rotten, i replaced them for $14 and now they work. Thank you again. -
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Well, WETRY! -