1999 Dodge Ram Wagon 2500 Q&A

1999 Dodge Ram Wagon 2500 Question: Truck Will not start

My daughter drove the truck home turned it off went to crank it up a couple of hours later and it wont do anything but turn over. We have replaced the crankshaft sensor and fuel filter. Cannot figure out what tells the fuel injector to engage... Help anyone, Oh Yeah its a diesel.. -
Answer 1
did you fill filter up with diesel fuel you probley going to have bleed injectors to start make shur you have fuel in tank -
Answer 2
There is not much to do at home with this concern, unfortunately. You could check your fuses and relays under the hood - a faulty relay could keep the van from starting. Other than that, seeking professional help is probably the only reasonable choice. Here is a directory of shops near you... http://repairpal.com/directory?address=32024&car_brand_names=Dodge Good luck! -