2001 Mazda B3000 Q&A

2001 Mazda B3000 Question: Truck will not shift into Park. Now can't park it or start it. Advice?

I drove home, pulled into my driveway and put the truck into Park. I thought. But it didn't seem to go. I shut off the engine. Wish I hadn't. The car rolled backwards. I tried to restart it but it wouldn't even try. Probably has to be in Park to start. Tried starting in Neutral but it won't even click. Transmission fluid seems okay. Couldn't check it running. Just happened tonight. -
Answer 1
Check the shift linkage or cable usually at the transmission, or could be on the column. -
Comment 1
Saw a similar answer on another site, too. We did find an errant screw on the driver's side floorboard. And the gear indicator has been off for months. For example, the line would be nearly at N for the gear to be in Reverse. So could it be that something was loose, so the discrepancy began and now it's completely loose (screw fell out?) and that's why we can't shift it into Park? BTW: It did eventually start in Neutral. -