Truck stops running on 1992 Ford Ranger

Truck just stops running. Mechanic said fuel is probably getting warm & causes this.It just started doing this 2 wks ago when the weather started getting warm. When enging is cold it fires up on first crank.When it stops,takes a couple of hours to restart. NO check engine light ever comes on. Only gets about 15mpg in city. New Cheap fuel pump 16 mo. ago and new fuel filter. Been told to replace pump with better one. HELP,PLEASE..IM LOST

by in Nashville, TN on June 11, 2009
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ANSWER by on June 11, 2009
If you have a hard time starting a warmed up engine, there may be a problem with the residual fuel pressure. It is important that when you turn off a warmed up engine the fuel system retains a certain amount of fuel pressure, if it doesn't you will have a hard time starting the car. Have the fuel pressure checked, especially the residual pressure after the engine is hot. If the pressure drops after shutting off the engine, you will need to find out why. This can be from a leaking fuel injector or a bad check valve (which is often in the fuel pump)
COMMENT by on June 13, 2009
Replaced old Autolite w/ Motorcraft gapped at .054, then replaced fuel filter{ Old 1 was harder to blow thru than new "Wix" replacement. Sprayed " Seafoam" down warm intake,{It says it wil clean carbon build up if you let it set 5 min. Done all of that, dont know how it will do if it gets hot, but storms outta the hole when cold.
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