truck starts cold stalls after warms up.hold gas pedal to floor starts. on 1996 Dodge Ram 1500

after starts back up i have to keep foot on the pedal so it wont die timing chain was put on,have spark have fuel pressure checked egr valve truck started doing this after my girl friend over heated the truck on the way home from work.when truck is cold it runs great only have this problem after it warms up all sesors seem to be ok any helpfull info would be appreciated thanks

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ck your idle air control valve to see if it is woking, sounds like its stuck
checked iac was sticking.cleaned it checked map sesor to turck started running better.then a new problem occured.truck was running hot.changed the thermostat.truick runs ok now.but noticed the temp gauge stays in normal range while sitting at idle.when i take it down the road for a drive it gets up to 230 degrees.going to check temp sensor may be a faulty reading.but over all the truck is running a lot better.thanks for your advice.will get back later with final results on overall performance
also ck fan clutch and blockage in ck fan clutch have someone shut off eng and watch fan clutch it should stop turning in like 5 seconds if not repl it with a delco part the aftermarket ones suck. good luck
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