Truck randomly stalls while driving...sometimes will crank backup, but often... on 2007 Dodge Ram 3500

My '07 dodge 3500 heavy duty w/cummins turbo 6.7L that often enough stalls while I am driving, idling, reversing, etc. (speed doesn't matter nor length of time being driven)seldom cranking right back up (neutral or park),but mostly just refuses to catch and stay started for several minutes and even hours before catching and turns over fine but wont catch. Now it can run/operate fine all day and then decide otherwise, or sometimes it'll wait until out of drive way or an hour into my drive, etc etc. Also, check engine light is on and sometime gives msg of exhaust full although I've already blew/ran it out as instructed. I have taken it to a diesel mechanic who said it was fuel tank/pump & said I need to drive it more often (which wouldn't be problem if I could trust it)and I shouldn't have any further issues....however, $800 later & over-charged for a part I didn't need; I still have same issues & a mechanic who says he didn't say it would fix that problem as if we discussed anything other than the only problem truck is having. Guess I should be happy with not having to worry about fuel pump tho?? And so before I spend a total fortune locating a reputable/knowledgeable diesel mechanic I am hoping for some incite on this issue to help me out. GREATLY APPRECIATE ANY ADVICE/SUGGESTIONS!!!

by in Denham Springs, LA on June 08, 2013
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