Truck randomly stalls on 1998 Dodge Dakota

This truck is an automatic and stalls whenever it feels like it, but runs great otherwise. We have replaced the fuel pump, and fuel filter, the lower crank case sensor, and the transmission speed sensor. The reading on diagnostics said that there were multiple misfires on cylinders 1, 3, 5. We were told it could be badly filed out spark plugs and wires, as it backfires sometimes, could this be the case? It only has 117000 miles on it.

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One item over looked on your list of parts replaces is the Camshaft Position Sensor, commonly know as a Distributor Pickup Plate. This can cause the symptoms you described, Intermittent stalling. Just remove the cap and rotor and the plate lifts out, no tools needed. Do not under any circumstance rotate your distributor ans it will take the Crank and cam Sensors out of sync.
no camshaft position sensor on that year model.
OK, I see what your refeering to. It's the pickup coil.And i'll let you know if that fixes mine. doing the same thing.
Nope. Didn't help at all. Looking for another idea.
I believe it's called an ignition coil module, it' a flat round plastic ring with wire connector ? and no it did not solve the problem ! :(