truck overheats ,coolant seems to be coming from thermostat area.New thermostat on 1999 Dodge Ram 1500

I replaced thermostat and works fine now but have a leak coming from the thermostat area sure it was done correct and tight with gasket properly installed. Radiator seems to be working as well as water pump. Relaced temp. sensor couple years back but no leaks then.Also new radiator cap. What would cause this leak and from where exactly?It appears to come from near thermostat and runs down passenger side of engine very heavy leaking when hot.

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Bypass hose leaking.
Im not sure what the bypass hose is or where.?My appt. with garage is monday am. May12 /2013. It will cost 59.95$ for diagnostic plus repair ? IF I can figure it out and do it myself before, thats my goal now. Thanks for any ideas; OH: bY the way this is the Ram Sport pachage if that makes a difference? It seems to be a little different than the 4x4 Ram 1500.s I have owned in the past?I have had a 96,97,98,4x4s and now this sport is a 99 2x4.It does have a comp.and more vaccum lines I believe?
Hose connects H20 pump to intake manifold just to the right of thermo. housing, under ac comp. Tough to see let alone replace! This is just a guess as to what the problem may be. Good one though, i think.
Thanks I will check that . The coolant is coming from at or around the thermostat area. Do you think its at all possible that a head gasket or cracked head could cause that? or being that the leak is that high up on the engine its very prob. not ? I am trying to prepare myself the the worst case and it will be the first time I have had to go to a garage for a diagnosis in a long time and the first ever with this particular shop.I have almost 200,000 miles on the truck but its still a very strong motor tranny and solid truck. Trying to predetermine what I am willing to spend to repair it or not?Thanks appreciate everything;; I wanted to thank everyone for the advice and suggestions. I was able to get the problem fixed. It was as the last answer posted said .The bypass hose from the water pump was leaking and had I had the ability to do a pressure test I could have found and repaired it myself. So thanks again.. PROBLEM SOLVED. Oh by the way it was 184.00$ repair bill with garage to replace bypass hose does that sound fair?
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pressure test system for leaks
Thanks, thats actually what I am in process of doing . Going to garage to have pressure and diagnostic done. I will keep everyone posted as to results. Thanks form the advice .
poss dirty mating service on therm housing
The housing cast around the top is a little rough, but the actual recess to drop the therm. in seems smooth.I had pressure blowing steam hard through the top of thermo area before changing the thermostat and gasket. After I replaced it it was working ok. for a little bit ,then it started getting hot again and running off motor pass, side.No longer blowing pressure off top .Again radiator is hot all over as well as both hoses. Blowing plenty of hot air, in fact it almost seems ok with heater on wide open and driving. I did put a lower temp. thermostat in it. Thanks for your response appreciate it::
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