Truck makes a groaning sound when wheel is turned all the way (left or right). on 2004 Honda Pilot

Truck makes a groaning sound when wheel is turned all the way (left or right) and just taking off, as in making a u-turn. It never makes that sound when turning at regular driving speed.

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Is or does the VTM-4 light ever come on? Noise from front , or does the whole thing vibrate at all? If so have rear diff checked.
No...the VTM-4 light never comes on. Noise seems to come from the front and ONLY when going from stop to start and giving it a little gas. If allowed to move without stepping on the gas, it NEVER makes that sound.
Does it seem to be related to the strut/coil spring being loaded/unloaded under those conditions?
I have no idea. Like I said, it only happens when the wheel is turned all the way right or left and when just taking off from a stop. If the wheels are straight and I take off from stop, no noise. If I am moving and I make a turn, no noise. If wheel is turned all the way and moves WITHOUT the gas pedal being noise.
coil spring isolators dirty/dry and binding under those conditions?
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Mine did that too--in addition to groaning it felt clunky--I think it was because of cracked compliance bushings--got those replaced and the car aligned (for $560-ouch)--and it doesn't make any sound anymore or feel clunky--just smooth and quiet.
Thanks all. I'll have a mechanic check it out.
Confirm with a visual inspection . That sounds like a good start. Please let us know the results!
Took it to my mechanic and he was under the impression that the VTM-4 fluid may be low and that a flush/refill may or may not make the noise go away. They wanted a bit over $200 for the procedure. I almost went for it. I took it home and bought the fluid from Honda for $30. I got under the truck to drain and refill and guess what I found. The fluid was all the way up to the fill hole. WTF? This guy probably didn't even check it. There was no trace of fluid running down that case. Granted, he could have cleaned it very well, but I doubt it. Man, I feel conned by a shop I had trusted, thus far. I'm going to see what I can get for it in a trade.
poss power steering pump starting to go bad. ck fluid level and cond.
OK, thanks. I'll look into that.