Truck Issue on 2007 Ford F-150

I have a 07 F150 5.4 V8 with 53,00 miles on it. When it idles in say the drive thru lane at a fast food joint or after I accelerate a little bit while backing up in my driveway it starts to shake real bad. I have tried changing the oil and upgrading the gas. I ran some fuel injector cleaner. Still happens. My engine also seems to run a little louder than it should. Almost sounds like a diesel at times. Any thoughts on what my problem could be? I took it into a mechanic and he couldnt recreate the problem supposedly. Ran a diagnostic test and nothing. No engine lights come on either. So that makes it more difficult.



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Agreed 100% - just a quick reminder to replace coil boots every time...
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I have replaced ALOT of spark plugs for similar issues.What helps me identify plugs as the problem is taking it out at highway speeds and flooring it,if plugs are bad it will repeatedly pop out of the intake,buck and jerk.Also when this happens the catalytic converters go bad due to unburned fuel going down the exhaust and superheating them.Is that 5300,or 53,000 miles? My customers usually argue the fact that it has 100,000 mile plugs,but we see them fail from 50-70k miles frequently.I would also suggest taking it to a Ford dealer or to a good independent shop tech because there is a certain way to get the plugs out without breaking them! Depending on how they break,extracting them is no fun,sometimes head removal is necessary.