Truck is making really strange sounds and shutting off while driving? on 1999 Ford Explorer

When I first bought truck I replaced a fuel pump and a thermostat it had a small leak in radiator. my dad said it was a seal or something and after drivin it for bout a month and half and keepin check on the leak he said it sealed its self up lol but it wasn't leakin or running hot. Now like a week ago I go to crank it after just gettin gas and it won't crank I gave it a min and then it started but it smells bad and is making really bad sounds under hood I replaced all freeze plugs and thermostat and patched leak in radiator like guy said but now it is cutting off while driving smokin bad making more weird sounds but all my Gage's are reading good all my fluids are good what could this be

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No way we can help, it's going to need a mechanic and some hands-on testing to know for sure what the problem is!
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what color smoke is it?? sounds like that motors cooked,lol..hahahahahha......
It's not funny lol it is cookin the smoke is white thick white