truck does not idle runs at 4500rpms check engine light on on 2000 Toyota Tundra

computer displays code p1127

Electronic throttle control system actuator power source circuit = P1127. There are a couple possible failures: The ETCS power source circuit open, or Defective ECM (Electronic Control Module). Either way we would recommend diagnostics at a reputable repair shop with a high end scan tool.
thank you for your advice but i have a verus scan tool and also a master tech i was looking for more of a way to trouble shoot this becuase i do not have a repair manual like what are the pin voltages should read at the sensor
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P1127 open circuit detected, check the fuse in left side engine compartment fuse box 15amp ETCS fuse. Your computer stops sending power to the ETS when open cicuit is detected. If the fuse is good, you may want to take it to the dealer and check for service bulletins and warranty.
rhis truck is out of any warranty period i check fuse it is not blown but i have not inspected if fuse has power or not but a trouble tree diagnostic chart would help to narrow down the problem thank you for your help