Troubleshooting PO141 on 1997 Ford F-150

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Check Engine light comes on & off, at different times. Troubleshooting code is PO141. What does this mean? What do I need to do?
(4) Answers
The fault code p0141 on your 1997 Ford f-150 is related to the heater circuit on the bank #1 sensor #2 oxygen sensor. Oxygen sensors on all newer cars and trucks have internal heating elements which help the sensor warm up faster during cold start operation. The engine computer monitors the warm-up time for each O2 sensor (you probably have 4) and will set a code if the warm-up time is to long. Chances are the heating element in your bank #1 sensor #2 is failing. If that is the case the O2 sensor will need to be replace. Bank one is where the #1 cylinder is and sensor #2 is the second sensor counting back from the engine. In most cases sensor #1 is before the catalytic converter and sensor #2 is behind it.
On mine the A/C outlet dripped down onto one of the passenger side O2 sensors. I don't know which one its called. Turn on your A/C, look for where it drips down and change the O2 sensor right below the drainage. The remedy is to get a PCV elbow and some tubing. Put the elbow into the drain hole in the firewall and attach the tubing to re-direct the drainage. It sounds easier than it is due to little to no room to get your hand up where it needs to be. Mine has been straight ever since. P.S. Wait for engine to cool COMPLETELY, your hand will touch the block to complete the task.