1998 Honda Odyssey Q&A

1998 Honda Odyssey Question: Troubleshooting by Autozone P0700, Automatic transmission fault probable cause.

Check other codes P0740 TCC does not engaged open or short circuit condition, Poor electrical connection failed TTC System, P0706 open in transmission range switch circuit Probable cause Open or short circuit condition Poor electrical connection Faulty transmision range switch fha7@yahoo.com -
Answer 1
Start by changing the trans fluid (NOT with aftermarket fluid) , then have TCM codes cleared and see what comes back the soonest. If P0740 comes back first , plan on needing a trans. If any of the others , recommend having it serviced/diagnosed at a dealer or reputable trans shop. -
Answer 2
sadly , this is a common problem w/ honda vans-there is a screen/filter at the top internally that clogs. more sadly honda nor anyone else has come up permanent fix for this problem. so before you go the rebuild route or new route , understand that this trans life expectancy is about 70k-100k miles -