Trouble w/burned out headlight When change bulb it blows right away Anyone else? on 2007 Nissan Murano

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My left front headlight is out. The Dealership replaced the bulb and it immediately blew. They tried another bulb and it blew. They then told me my "control unit" is out and the control unit will need to be replaced. part + labor is going to cost approx $700+. Has anyone had this problem? Sounds like alot of money for a burned out lightbulb. Thank you for any info you might have to offer.
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Have a mechanic, from another shop, check the voltage going to that light. Should take a # 9007 bulb for std. lighting. Now surely the installer knew how to install the bulb cause it is more to it than meets the eye?! No problem with any other lighting? NOW, IF you have the HID system, better check out youtube before paying someone all that money! It will be worth your while to take a look there, if you like to save money! The controller is nothing but a ballast and not that hard to change.
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You must have the Xenon HID headlights and the factory price for the controller is $480+ By the time you figure the labor to replace it which typically requires removal of the entire headlight assembly we often see some very surprising numbers. Service information that I just looked at directs the technician to remove the bumper in order to remove the headlight assembly. HID's are great, right up until they break.
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