trouble starting!! on 1998 Nissan Altima

well I changed everything from starter,distributor cap and wires and plugs!! I changed alternator and battery , crank sensor and i even changed the absolute manifold pressure sensor took out the mass air flow sensor and cleaned it with the spray cleaner!! also had the fuel pump tested and checked for pressure it was fine!! havent checked the throttle position sensor yet!! So please help me and tell me what else could it be???

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wow, lots of parts and not fixed.
you need 3 things to run. compression, spark and fuel.
you need to do a compression test, verify fuel pressure and check for spark.
stop throwing parts at it and have it properly diaged by a shop.

I did that!!! I took it to a shop they checked fuel pressure and said it was fine!! than they checked spark and it was sparking fine so I changed starter cause i felt it was hesitant!! I havent checked compression though!! How would I do that or do i need to take it to a shop!!! somebody said it might be a relay is that possible??
if you have spark and fuel, it is not a relay.
take out the plugs and add a very small amount of oil to the cylinder, like 10 or 12 drops to seal up the rings and give it some compression. the walls may be washed out from cranking it so much and lost compression.

okay ill try but i forgot to mention I did change the valve cover gasket with new gromits as well!! So should I add drops to all plugs??
no, not to the plugs, put the oil in the cylinders if you put it on the plugs, it will foul them.

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full Pam i had the same problem