1991 Pontiac Trans Sport Q&A

1991 Pontiac Trans Sport Question: Trouble driving uphill

1991 Pontiac Transport Minivan slow down when driving up hill. The greater hill, the slow the vehcile travels. -
Answer 1
Checking fuel pressure would be a good first step. If you can road test your 1991 Pontiac Trans Sport with a fuel pressure gauge attached so you can see it you can then monitor fuel pressure while driving. Fuel pressure should be steady while driving up hill. If the fuel pressure drops you may have a problem with the fuel pick up inside the fuel tank. -
Answer 2
transmision starts to stran and sutter -
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van loses power uphill and smells of exhaust fumes-also jerks uphill or when driving around 30mph and gets hot as well as trouble starting at times-possible problems w/ catalytic converter?