trouble codes on 1998 Cadillac DeVille

what does code for the PCM, P1605, B2711 IPC, U1255, U1252 PZM, U1169 IRS, 1983 MSM, B0856,B1983, U1300, U1064, U1406, U1169 Thank you. Rev. Miller

by in Fallon, NV on April 04, 2010
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ANSWER by on April 04, 2010
unusal to have so many codes. take it to a pro and he will look at freeze frame data and make a decision as to where your problem lies. my money is on a body control module. Roy
ANSWER by on April 04, 2010
Hello Reverend, With this many codes it really presents a problem with forming the correct diagnosis approach. If I were working on this, I would record as much data as I could, then erase the codes, drive the car and see which return. Then I would look at the actual problems you are experiencing, and all the old and new code info and devise a diagnosis strategy. This may not help you much, but what I'm really saying is this needs to go to a highly qualified tech that can address computer issues on this vehicle.
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Please provide a definition of the troubled codes and issues causing them, and repairs required. Thanks

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