1991 GMC Vandura 2500 Q&A

1991 GMC Vandura 2500 Question: trouble bleeding back brakes

The rear brake line blew out half way back. I drove the van for 2 or 3 short trips with just front brakes. I replaced the brake line and am trying to bleed the back brakes, but when I have someone hold down the brake pedal while I open the bleeder valve, nothing happens. Is there some component that needs reset to allow fluid into the back system again? Also, the brake light on the dash is on. -
Answer 1
air bound. the light is on showing hydaulic difference. when you get a peadl, it will go out. you may have lost the master cylinder since the pedal went to the floor. it may have ripped the seals in the master. Roy -
Answer 2
you will have to blead with computer because of abs system you could have mest up mastercylinder bleed at mastercylinder take a line wrench pump up brake pedal hold down them bleed each line on mastercylinder unless you no witch line go to rear -