TRC & Triangle light stay on during testing. B 1008 B 1060
B1061. on 2003 Honda Accord

The red triangle is always on but the TCS light comes on when you drive a little.

Asked by for the 2003 Honda Accord
Have ABS system scanned. The codes you posted are body communication codes related to the drivers door multiplex control unit. should not be related. Any problems with power door locks or security system? Dead battery in recent past?
No problems with any of those. ABS Triangle and TCS lights came on all at once. Had the rear wheel ABS sensor replaced and the ABS light went out. The TCS Light goes out but comes on after you start driving. The red triangle stays on all the time.
Has it been scanned again since the speed sensor replacement?
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No answer.
have codes scanned and post so we can adv
B1008 MICV Lost Comm. with gauge control module A/T
B1060 Relay control module lost comm. with gauge control module VSP/NE
B1061 Relay control module lost comm. with gauge control module AT