trany on 1991 Ford Explorer

will a modultor make the trany slip?

by in Waycross, GA on November 25, 2009
0 answers
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...he 4.0 liter motor but i have a problem it all started when my transmission broke then got new trany as soon as they finish instaling the new trany the mecanic was going to test drive the veichle...
...t home but then suddenly quit. The dash light does not come on when the button is pushed, the trany fluid is fine and sois the fuse under the hood
...takes very long to shift. has been dong this for over a year now. I figure it would go out but trany still holding in there. Just soem days i am sceard to pull out into traffic. and some times it...
all i know is they put a trany in and it started up and iddled out , thin it stalled and wouldnt start, there is no spark ,en...
...ut 4x4 button does not light up or change anything and it never sliped or showed any sighns of trany failing dont know what to cheack or expect

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