Transmisssion replacement and an estimate for a vlave body replacement. on 2003 BMW 330i

While driving the car the transmission icon light went on and the car began to shift as if it was not connecting to the pedal or brake while driving. As I came to a stop, the car took a long time to rev up while in the drive position. The dealer reset the error code and thought it would either be the transmission or a valve body. Any estimates on the cost of a transmission replacement.

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Could you tell us what code was in the EGS (Transmission Computer)?
Did this happen suddenly, without any previous shifting problems?
Did the dealership check the ATF level? Was it correct?
How many miles in the car?
I can give you the prices of the parts, but I need the last 7 digit of the VIN#.

I don't know what the EGS code was. Yes, it happened suddenly without previous shifting problems. I don't know if the ATF level was checked. There are 70,373 miles on the car. Last seven of the VIN# KM26823

Thank you
VIN# KM26823 Manufacturing Date: 10/2002 , Production Code: EV53
You Have Selected: 10/2002 E46 330i Sedan M54 USA Left hand drive N

These are the BMW of NA MSRP, individual dealership prices could differ as much as +/- 20%.

Automatic transmission A5S 325Z - TU up to 03/2003 24001423933 $4,520.52+core

Valve body (AT-Control unit set) 1 up to 03/2003 24347518770 $1,261.97+core

The prices does not include the ATF.
Core charge means you need to return the failed unit from your car and it has to be in a rebuildable condition, otherwise they won't give you credit for the old part.

It would be good to know the trouble codes, we might be able to help you to figure out what is the best way to repair the problem.