Transmisson leak on 1993 Ford Mustang LX

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I have a 93 mustang LX 4 cylinder an the transmission leaks only after a certain time of driving. As if it heats up an opens the seals after about 30mins to an hr of driving. I replaced all 3 seals blew out the lines an it still leaks.. Any help would be great!
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You may have a restriction, due to a blockage in a hydraulic passage. Which seals did you replace? If you replaced the front pump seal, that will not really fix anything, because when the front pump seals goes, it is because the pump shaft bushing is worn out, so you need to replace that as well, same goes for the tail shaft, if the seal goes, you will need a new bushing for the tailshaft as well. I used to rebuild transmissions and had to learn all of these things. And make sure that you filter is flowing properly, or that can cause a restriction and cause the too much oil in the pan and the shift shaft seal will leak.