transmission wont shift out of second on 1999 Ford F-350 Super Duty

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my automatic wont shift out of second gear, the torque converter has been replaced along with the transmission, what could cause the transmission to not shift ?, there is only 57,000 miles on this truck, i tried a different pcm (main computer) and that didnt help, both sensors on the transmission have been replaced, could the idm (injector drive module) cause it not to shift prperly ?,. when i hooked it up to a machine it said the main computer was readind an error on the live memory but as i said before when i changed it it didnt help. colud someone please help me before i blow this truck up!, steve a man with an empty wallet.
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There is a big problem with your Transmission. When a transmission stays in second gear, it is in a fail safe mode. It sounds like the Computer Controls for the Transmission are defective in some way, like a wiring harness problem, a shorted shift solenoid a bad speed sensor etc. Have a good ATRA Trans Shop look at this. The people who did the original work should be held responsible, because they did not get it right.