transmission with Battery removed I can shift, with battery in I can't on 2004 Audi A6 Quattro

My car was diagnosed with a bad brake switch the car drive anyway and then had an accident not related at all.. but the damage was to the under carriage oil pan area and since then my shifter will not move from park with battery connected with battery remove the shifter works fine So I think the brake switch is bad and the foot on the pedal light is on by the shift lever .. So how do you replace this switch I hear it's tricky with the plunger ? Can anyone give assistance!!! It is appreciated Have a Happy Thanksgiving..

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First remove the storage compartment, driver side lower dash. Measure gap between plunger,Unplug the connector, loosen lock nut, unscrew switch counter clock wise. Reverse procedure for install. When setting plunger gap, should be .004-.020" (1.5mm). If not loosen lock nut and adjust. Hope this helps.
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