1992 Ford E-150 Q&A

1992 Ford E-150 Question: transmission will not shift into drive

Backed down my driveway..Put in in Park, wanted to pull forward a bit, put it in drive, nothing. I'm guessing I have reverse put to close to wall to find out. Maybe just gravity when I do. 25% grade on driveway. -
Answer 1
Answer #1 certified.ase.tech, December 24, 2009, 11:46 your car may be stuck in a limp in mode where it won't shift out of direct drive. try disconnecting your battery to clear codes & checking the fluid level, if that doesn't change anything then you are likely going to have to take it in for a real diagnosis, if these transmissions don't get the inputs they want then they will often default to limp in mode which will only shift into the gears you need to get you home -