transmission whine on deceleration on 2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG

get a whining noise from lower right side of transmission console area on decel for last few days.
Its most noticable from 40 mph to stop. I now get a P0700 code when I checked with a scan reader. check engine code light on just last night. It sounds like gear or bearing noise a light groan/whine and put car up and ran it so i know i dont have a front wheel bearing going out.Transmission shifts fine so i have no idea if its internal damage or a bad control module not letting it decel and downshift properly .Help

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This code - P0700 - means is that the Transmission control module [TCM] has requested the powertrain control module [PCM] to turn on the check engine light, this is done to alert you to the fact that the transmission has a fault. You need to get it diagnosed by a diagnostic computer that could access the TCM. I'd suggest to find a good MB shop who has a SDS computer and let them check it.
Unfortunately the noise could indicate a mechanical problem in the transmission.