Transmission was fine, replaced fluids, Now it Jerks at now it jerks at 30-40 MPH on 2007 Dodge Magnum

i took my 2007 Dodge Magnum for Pre-Maintenance (64,000 Miles). I had a transmission shop replace tranny fluids. 2 days later my car jerks at 30-40 MPH? They called it Lock chatter. I took it back to them and he tells "Not his problem" There telling me the whole trans has to be overhauled (But Me Paying for it)

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changing the fluid does not assume liability to any problems. if the trans fluid is the correct fluid and the level is good, then how can you blame them for this??

there may have been metal in the converter and when the fluid was changed, it moved around and may have ended up in the valve body causing a problem.
by your post, you reccomended the service, not them. on a 2007, there may be a 8 year, 80,000 powertrain warr anty. check with a dealer and see if they can help you. if not, get some bids on the repair.

Thanks for the heads up...