transmission switch on 1995 Ford Contour

i bought a 95 ford contour that was switched from automatic to a manual transmisson and my reverse lights are not working they light up when i turn on my lights but they do not work when i put my transmission into reverse and out?

by in El Paso, TX on March 10, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on March 11, 2009
Looks like you need to find a shop that is familiar with electrical work. The problem is the reverse lights come on when the lights are turned on, so that means on of two things, they were wired to the taillights or there is a ground problem and the reverse lights are coming on due to feedback from the taillights. The person diagnosing this will need to find the wires for the reverse lights that would have gone to the Manual lever position sensor,(sensor on the selector rod of the automatic transmissions) then they will have to find the reverse switch on the manual transmission of the vehicle, test its' operation, if okay run the wires to the switch. They will have to find a way to attach the wires,(not sure of the correct connector availability) and you should have reverse light operation. If you try this yourself, get the proper wiring diagram and remember that you are doing a conversion so act accordingly in planning your connections. If you are not experienced with electrical, I would not recommend trying to repair it, it is easy to do damage to the vehicle wiring.
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