Transmission swap on 2000 Chevrolet Prizm

will a 2001 Overdrive transmission bolt into a 2000 car with the non-Overdrive automatic? If so, are any shifter or computer changes needed.

Any special instructions for pulling the engine from the top?


Asked by for the 2000 Chevrolet Prizm
For the transmissions to swap OK, they'd have to be identical units with the same gear ratios and electrical connectors. If you swap computers you need to consider whether the computer is compatible with the engine. You'd probably be violating emissions laws if the computer is swapped.
You'd better consult a transmission shop or a Toyota expert before you attempt this swap.
The engine can be removed from the top leaving the transmission in the car. It may be easier to remove the engine and trans as a unit but I think I'd consult a Toyota specialist about the easiest way to get the engine out.
If you want to find a Toyota specialist, here's our directory link for you:
thanks for the advice. I'll do the research you recommended.