2009 Kia Sportage Q&A

2009 Kia Sportage Question: transmission surging and sticking

I was coasting though a parking lot, about to pull in a parking space, when the car surged and crashed. The tire patterns show I had my foot on the brake, it was like it had a mind of its own! The night before, it jerked a little like the transmission was slipping! Other than that, no warning. any others experience this? Will this show on the cars computer? -
Answer 1
Yes this happened to a buddy of mine once, he pushed the gas somehow as well as the brakes! But i am sure you had something else go wrong ¿ Not recorded in the computer, unfortunately. -
Answer 2
under 10yr 100k mile warranty on drive train -
Comment 1
yes, 70K miles on it, a great car I love it! Will they be able to find what caused this? -
Comment 2
yes they should be -
Comment 3
How much damage did it do to your car when you crashed it due to this malfunction? That may make it hard to ever find a mechanical problem. Transmission is not what caused this! -
Comment 4
the front end damaged but no fluid leaks, no radiator crushed, they are putting it on the computer right now! so, not the tranny? It surged forward very fast! -
Comment 5
Ok,let us know how you make out, there may be others with that problem. -