Transmission spindle issue on 2001 Subaru Forester

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Had clutch installed 18 mos. ago, somewhere during installation process, mechanic did something to the spindle that the transmission aligns on(from Box engine). Mechanic stated he placed a sleeve over the existing spindle to make it functional. When tranny’s warm, the car bucks- only in 1st gear, until adequate speed is achieved (15mph), then bucking ceases. Not a problem when car/engine/tranny.
Can the spindle be replaced without removing the engine block? Please estimate on labor/parts and total
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I think what you're trying to say is that the transmission shaft goes into the 'pilot bearing' in the center of the flywheel and something went wrong there when the clutch job was done.. Then the machanic rigged something to make it work and you have trouble getting into first gear. If the pilot bearing/clutch shaft situation is funny, the transmission won't shift right. You need to see a Subaru specialist to see what he thinks.
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