transmission solenoid pack on 2002 Dodge Caravan

Dealer says trans solenoid pack is leaking and should be replaced. How much should this cost?

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It should be 1 hour to replace the solenoid pack, not sure about the part price.
Junk yard 20 bucks 15min take off and talk about it, 15min to put on after talk about how easy it is because the electrical part of it was gone you will need a $9.99 gaskett kit.
on my 1998 dodge caravan the cheak engine light is on. put it on the computer an it says its the trans solenoid... an my friend said the transmition is stuck in 2nd. its not shiftin that i know.. is it fixable and at what cost.
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research that i have done online says between $300 and $500 depending on if you use a dealer part or an after market part. I was just quoted $470 to replace the solenoid pack on a 2002 Dodge Caravan. They are also changing the fluid and filter.
Is a Jeep grand cherokee different? I just got at $900.00 estimate to replace the solenoid pack on a 2005 Jeep. The engine light came on and diagnostics said "possible solenoid defect", intermittent problem. They estimated 3.5 hours of labor. OMG