transmission slips in od on 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

transmission slips when in overdrive, heard filter would cause this, changed filter still the same,

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A fouled filter could cause problems, but slipping is usually an indicator of deeper troubles that a filter. If you remove the transmission pan and it's full of debris, it probably is time to consider an overhaul. Get an opinion from a transmission shop or a Chrysler specialist.
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Are you sure your transmission is slipping in OD? Sophisticated electronic sensors detect excessive slippage in the transmission operation and will set a diagnostic code in the Transmission Control Module (TCM). Transaxle malfunctions may be caused by these general conditions:

Poor engine performance
Improper adjustments
Hydraulic malfunctions
Mechanical malfunctions
Electronic malfunctions Diagnosis of these problems should always begin by checking the easily accessible variables: fluid level and condition, gearshift cable adjustment. Then perform a road test to determine if the problem has been corrected or that more diagnosis is necessary. If the problem persists after the preliminary tests and corrections are completed, hydraulic pressure checks should be performed.