Transmission slips between 2 nd and drive for about a week
( 100 mi)then is ok.
on 1995 Ford Taurus

when it is slipping, I have to keep it in 2 nd up to 40 - 45 mph then shift it manually into od where it is ok. when slowing down, it is ok if it stays in drive, but if it shifts down into 2 nd it starts slipping. it does this for about a week or so( 100 mi). Then I will start it and it will shift normally for about a week or so. It also seems to have an extra shift between 2 nd and drive (feels like it is a 5 speed automatic)
I'm thinking maybe a sensor is bad (?)
I had it back flushed but did not see any difference. Fluid is about 1/4 inch above the full line on the dipstick when hot.
Outside Temp does not matter nor does trans temp.
Thanks in advance for your help!
Allen R.

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Servicing the transmission may be the first and cheapest place to start. In servicing the transmission the condition of the oil will be checked, the oil can be checked for debris, the filter and magnets at the bottom of the oil pan can be inspected, and on a test drive afterward the shifting of the transmission can be checked to see if the transmission may have further mechanical or electrical problems.
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could be a valve body issue. a trans shop can lead you in the right direction.