Transmission slipping from dead stop, once car start roling it goes normal on 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

Once car is rolling it is shifting good to 2nd and 3rd,
reverse works good. Something is spinning inside when I try to start driving first 20-30 feet. I have to press more gas just to move car from dead stop.

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How many miles on it and hows's the fluid? If you say the fluid is okay , tell me who and how it was checked.
153000 miles.
I check fluid some 10000 miles before, with running engine unscrew small bolt(like size 10mm) in front of transmission and fluid was coming out slowly.
it maybe low on fluid now.
Is this a manual trans.?
Automatic, 3 or 4 speed I'm not sure
Sorry I just checked , after I typed that , and found that yours doesn't have a dipstick, my bad. Well , From your description of symptoms at this point , I would suggest that you find a reputable shop in your area , and have them scan while test driving (if even necessary at this point) to see the complete picture. To me , it sounds like it's smoked , but I have seen electrical or simple control issues cause really bad symptoms. Just don't wait any longer than you must.good luck.