transmission slipping on 2001 Honda Accord

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When driving and I slow down and try accelerating again I get a hard jerk and the tcs and check engine light comes on and car don't want to go then code PO740 comes on
(1) Answer
Check the electric harness located in the transmission. Follow all the wires since the first part of the harness (on engine) up to the end of the harnness (in the transmmision connector), check if they are not broken or shorted (move and squeeze the cables).
Then check if there are no blown fuses.
If all these looks ok; then you have to open the transmission oil pan and look into the solenoid´s harness, check if they aren´t shortened, losen, or broken.

Hondas have a lot of transmission recalls so I would check the dealer first to see if they can help you out. Transmission shift modules also have problems with these models. have a tech do componet tests on each componet to see if there is a malfuction or electrical problems. If you don't change your fluid every 15,000 miles and if the fluid is dirty you will have this problem