transmission shudder on 1997 Lincoln Town Car

it happens every time i drive it. always at lower shift speeds never at higher speeds.

by in Michigantown, IN on March 29, 2011
2 answers
ANSWER by on March 29, 2011
Its time to vist a transmission shop and have them test drive your car and provide a diagnosis. Unfortunatly, when it comes to transmissions, all the working parts are on the inside and have to be removed to be checked and/or serviced.
ANSWER by on March 29, 2011
I have read on several websites that you should have the transmission fluid replaced. Take it to a transmission shop, not one of those places that change your oil in ten minutes.
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when it gets to about 45 mph, this is when it happens
during acceleration around 40 to 50 mph, it sounds like i'm driving over multiple speed bumps. i just let off the gas and it stops for that time but happens continually during acceleration

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